The Arabic club!

النادي العربي

تعليم اللغة العربية لغير الناطقين بها 
The Arabic Club 
Teaching Arabic for non native speakers 
( at Alkhair  Primary School , 36 Pitlake CR0 4RA. 5mn from West Croydon Station) 
A new and exciting way of learning Arabic, a creative curriculum tailored to the need of the child.  A well structured program from year 1 to year 5 , giving the opportunity to reinforce what has previously been learnt by gradually  expanding  vocabulary supported through grammar and syntax.  The learning will be supported by exciting projects, games and role play.  By using this program Children will be able to work independently (with out the need of a parent or guardian).  The whole topics learnt  in class during the year can also be accessed online; Worksheets, videos and PowerPoints used in class can also be accessed by parents using our website. 

Previously head teacher and curriculum leader of Tidemill Arabic school, Deptford.  (duration 3 years) 
-Degree in German language (Algeria) 
-PGCE Greenwich University 
-11 years of teaching languages and 8 years of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. 
-Currently head of Arabic department  and Arabic teacher for KS1 and Ks2 ( age 5 to 12) in Al-Khair primary school 
-3 years spent in developing a curriculum suitable for children aged 4-12 helping them learning languages in fun and interactive ways. 
-Phone Number:07806782309 

Al-Ihssan School Calendar 2017/18




9th-Inset day

16th-Inset day

23rd-First day



28th-No school/half term



4th-Back to school



23rd-30th--No school/holidays



6th-Back to school



17th-No school/half term

24th-Back to school



7th-14th--No school/holidays

21st-Back to school


2nd-No school/half term

9th-Back to school


14th-Last day


Headteacher: Seloua Nedjai

Contact number: 07806 7823309


© 2017 by World of Language Al-Ihssan School. 

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