Who are we? 

'World of language' was created by Seloua Nedjai. The idea behind it is to support children's learning. Children will be able to revise and have access to resources used in class such as powerpoint videos, games, word documents, songs and stories at home.  Parents will also be up to date with their children's learning and they are free to download and print out resources for additional support.


My name is Seloua Nedjai my passion for languages and my determination to facilitate teaching languages to children has helped me to develop new techniques and methods.  


The positive response I have had from children and parents from Al Khair and Al-Ihssan school has boosted my energy and stimulate further research and creation.


These 3 last years I have dedicated my time and effort in creating an Arabic curriculum which suits the needs of the non-native speakers.


The particularity of this curriculum is the structure and the amount of vocabulary used during the learning process.  With the experience I have in teaching Arabic, I have noticed that most of the books I used, had a whole lot of new vocabulary in each page, I tried simply  to make it easier for the child to work with a certain number of vocabulary and be able to retain the vocabulary learned

by using different methods, techniques, and resources.  The vocabulary learned will be found in texts, songs, stories, listening tasks and activities.Repetition is used often but a wide range of activities, audio-visual and kinesthetics learning is used to avoid monotony.


The child will learn vocabulary by playing games, reading stories , learning a song, using play dough to model a word or a letter, these different means of learning will enhance the child's learning and make him/her reinforce the vocabulary easily and happily.  


I give children a glossary of words to start with and he/she will escalate to build a paragraph. Lessons are connected, for example if they learned about the house, the next topic will be adjectives, then the child will be using the house vocabulary and adjectives to describe his or her house.  The next lesson, for example can be colours and the child can use house vocabulary plus adjectives plus colours.


The vocabulary learned previously will be used with the new vocabulary to create a chain of words, it is like a building blocks adding blocks to create a final construction.


The concept that needs to be reinforced at all stages is the Feminine and masculine in the Arabic Language and the child needs to understand how adjectives and colours agree to the gender, it is quite a complicated concept as it is completely different from the English language, but by using appropriate resources and learning methods, the child will be able to imply this in his/her learning easily..


I believe it is preferable not to introduce complicated grammar at an early stage as it may lead to loss of interest in the language.

I need to get the child interested in learning the language by making it fun and enjoyable, then work on developing his/her confidence in using the language then go to the last form where the child practices writing freely, adding his/her's artistic touch. Once the child is in their comfort zone, a stage where the child feels confident in using the language, then I will introduce grammar bit by bit.


My duty is to encourage children to interact, write and express themselves without restriction and not impose grammar at early stage to avoid to inhibit their creativity.


The main objectives of my teaching methods are to increase the children's love for the Arabic language and boost their confidence by introducing role pay, speaking tasks, games and project presentation.




Introducing  interactive resources and a variety of techniques such us running dictation, group work, pair work, individual work, creating games and projects and writing tasks help children to memorise the vocabulary without effort and the children will be able to complete their work at home without the help and support of their parents.


The key point is how to get a child to learn and put a lot of effort in his/her learning without putting a lot pressure on him or her. The variety of resources available on this website is the answer to this question.

The curriculum and the way of delivering it has a big impact on the children's learning, children will enjoy learning Arabic and they will be looking forward to Arabic classes if the right approach is used.

As a teacher we have a big responsibility, if the child loves a topic it is because of the teacher, and if he/she dislikes a topic it is also because of the teacher.


Some teachers are quite rigid and try hard to get a child to teach him so many concepts in a short period which also will be lost in a very short period too. 


The best way is to try to simplify the concept and gets it to stick to the mind by reinforcing it and at the same time adding information at a slow pace which will lead to successful learning.

We know our children, if they love something they will learn it, they will memorise it.





Let's develop a curriculum where vocabulary can be learned as rhymes, symbols, similes, tones, personification, let's use our imagination and travel to the child's imagination, penetrate his/her's world, basically travel back to our childhood, this is the only way to reach his/her's heart and his brain.

Teaching is not only about delivering and assimilation it is more about engaging and involving the child in order for him/her to use all his/her's senses to be able to imagine images and memories in his/her brain which helps him/her in the learning process.


As a teacher, we are entering the child's universe, let's make this experience unforgettable.  We have, in our memories our best teacher, we always say "we learned so much form him or her" let's be this teacher.


Learning has to be fun, Arabic is such beautiful language, and as a teacher, we have to share our passion and love with the children, to make them love this language.


Let's, together, make learning Arabic a fun and enjoyable experience. Let's inspire the children, engage them and guide them.


My work is finished and will not be finished as it is always developing and progressing with the child learning's process.

Seloua Nedjai



























© 2017 by World of Language Al-Ihssan School. 

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